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Talcum Powder Cancer Litigation

Nursing home residents often have to use certain products such as baby powder or talcum powder to help with skin conditions or other medical problems they may have. Unfortunately, it appears that these products may have dangerous side effects and may lead to more severe or even life-threatening injuries or illnesses. Products with talcum powder have now been linked to a higher risk of ovarian cancer in women. If someone you care about has been diagnosed with ovarian cancer after using talcum powder, then it is important that you speak with one of our dangerous products lawyer as soon as possible. They will help answer any questions you may have and work with you to see to it that you get the compensation you may be eligible for.

How has Talcum powder been linked to Ovarian Cancer?

Women in nursing homes may routinely use products such as Johnson’s® Baby Powder and Shower to Shower® body powder on their skin. Talc is a main mineral found in this and other similar products and it shares traits with asbestos, which has been linked to cancer as well. It has been reported that if Talcum powder is used in the genital area of women, it is possible that the talc mineral can move up to the vagina and the fallopian tubes, and into the ovaries, then the talc minerals can become stuck there for years. Talc can lead to inflammation in tissues of the body that are typically healthy. Prolonged exposure of this mineral can lead to a risk of developing cancer.

How long have the Producers of Talcum powder been aware of the Risks?

The first study linking talcum powder use by women to an elevated risk of ovarian cancer was performed in 1982. Further research conducted between the 1980s and 1990s released in the American Journal of Epidemiology backed up this earlier study. A study was also conducted in 1992 which strongly advised producers of these products to put a warning label on them considering the risks to women’s health. Johnson and Johnson legal representation stated in federal court that the company had known about the research linked to ovarian cancer since the beginning of the 1980s, however the company knowingly decided against putting the warning labels on their products.

What should I do if I have been diagnosed with Cancer after using Talcum powder?

If you or someone you love has received an ovarian cancer diagnoses after prolonged use of talcum powder products, then you should contact an experienced and compassionate Kentucky nursing home and dangerous product attorney with the Higgins Firm as soon as possible. We care about our clients and will review your case and make sure you receive the compensation that you may be entitled to for what you and your family have suffered through.

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