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Tennessee Nursing Home Bed Sore Lawyers

The simple failure to provide the most fundamental care can lead to horrific bed sores.  Unfortunately, several nursing homes in Tennessee do not have enough qualified staff to provide their residents the care they need.  These situations typically mean that a resident of the facility may sustain an injury or developed an ulcer or open wound on their skin simple because they are not kept clean, do not receive the proper nourishment or are left in their bed for hours at a time.  When this neglect happens pressure sores, or ulcers, will develop.   These type of ulcer is often serious and can be fatal if treatment is not provided quickly.  If it is suspected that the person you know in a nursing facility has received one of these ulcers because of someone else's neglect or carelessness, it is recommended that you talk to a nursing home abuse attorney at the Higgins Firm. Our legal team will review your case and work with you to see to it that you are compensated fairly for what you have been through.

How does a Skin Ulcer Develop?  
Ulcers develop on the skin when continual tension is applied to certain areas of the body. Skin ulcers often lead to severe medical problems and can become infected if they are not treated as quickly as possible. Some ulcers can be fatal if they are not treated. Skin ulcers develop in areas when the skin and bones touch most often. The areas where skin ulcers are most likely to develop are the:
•    back
•    butt
•    heels
•    elbows
•    ankles
•    hips

 Why do Skin Ulcers Develop?

 he most common cause of skin ulcers is if people are neglected and cannot get our of their beds or are confined to wheelchairs for most of the day or night. Nursing facilities are supposed to help patients move around or relocate them to  different positions. If this is not possible, they are supposed to apply extra cushion underneath parts of the body where a skin ulcer may form.  Skin ulcers can also develop when a person has to sleep in dirty linens or soiled clothes.

Nursing facilities are require to have a care plan for people that cannot move around easily because they may be more likely to develop an ulcer on their skin. Adequate training is also required in nursing facilities to make sure their staff knows to reposition a person frequently and to use cushions and other items to aid in the prevention of the development of a skin ulcer. A facility is required to inform doctors as well as the relatives when an ulcer may begin to develop. When a nursing facility does not do these things, the facility may be liable for neglect or carelessness.

What should I do if a loved one developed a Skin Ulcer?

If you feel that a loved one's skin ulcer was the result of neglect or carelessness by the nursing facility they were in, it is important that you talk to caring and knowledgeable member of the legal team with the Higgins Firm. Our team understands that this may be a difficult and confusing time for you and your loved ones. Our attorneys will address any concerns you may have and help collect any evidence or documents that may be needed for your case. Our legal team will see to it that you are given the damages you are entitled to for the injury and pain you have been caused. Finally, our legal team will see to it that the nursing facility pays for their neglect and carelessness.  

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