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Pressure Sore Injuries

In Kentucky nursing homes and as well as nursing homes across the United States, pressure sore injuries are unfortunately more widespread than even just ten years ago. Pressure sore, or bed sores, can be the result of improper care and neglect in nursing homes, assisted living facilities and even in hospitals. If you have seen pressure sore injuries on someone you care about or you feel that they might develop one due to improper medical care, then it is strongly recommended that you talk to a pressure sore injury and nursing home lawyer right away. They will review your case and work with you to help you get the compensation you need for the injuries your loved ones have suffered.

What causes Pressure Sores?

Pressure sores can develop when certain areas of the body experience continuous pressure for an extended amount of time. They occur because blood flow to those parts of body is slowly being limited causing the skin and tissue to break down and die. This then leads to a wound or injury on that part of the body. Typically, pressure sores occur on parts of the body that have small amounts of muscle and tissue that help to support the weight of a person’s body on that particular area over time. A pressure sore injury can occur in any part of the body, however, most often injuries occur on the buttocks, head, back, and heals.

The most common reasons a pressure sore might develop are due to the positioning of a patient as well as movement and improper hygiene practices and poor nutrition. Patients that sit or lay in urine or soiled clothing or bedding for a large amount of time are also more susceptible to experiencing skin breakdown which may then lead to a pressure sore injury.

What are some conditions that may result from a Pressure Sore?

If a patient develops a pressure sore not only will they experience pain for the pressure sore and an open wound from an advanced stage pressure sore but untreated sores can lead to serious and even life-threatening medical conditions such as:

  • Various infections
  • Sepsis
  • Gangrene
  • The need for the amputation of limbs
  • Death
What should be done to Prevent Pressure Sores?

Kentucky medical facilities and nursing homes as well as all other medical facilities across the country have an obligation to their patients to make every effort to prevent pressure sores from occurring. Patients have unique needs but some common pressure sore prevention practices are moving a patient every couple hours so they are not in the same position too long. Making sure a patient is clean and dry is also important. Taking steps to make sure a patient receives proper hydration and nutrition is also crucial to pressure sore prevention. Finally, utilizing certain medical equipment such as cushions and mattresses for people with mobility concerns can greatly reduce the risk of pressure sores.

If a pressure sore was not able to be prevented, it is important that they are taken care right away. Pressure sores that are left untreated can take a longer time to heal and can lead to additional medical concerns and problems. If someone you know has developed a pressure sore injury or suffered another injury because of a pressure sore, then we encourage you to contact one of our experienced and caring Kentucky pressure sore injury and nursing home attorneys at the Higgins Firm. Our firm cares about your case and will help you get the compensation you are entitled to by law.

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