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Meeting with a Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer

There are important arrangements to make before your free consultation with one of The Higgins Firm nursing home abuse lawyers at our Kentucky offices. The following steps will help ensure that your potential claim of nursing home abuse and neglect is properly investigated.

Preparing For Your Consultation

Before meeting with one of our attorneys, ensure that you and your lawyer both understand the nature of your relationship with the resident who has been abused or neglected. Your attorney must understand who you are, why you are pursing legal aid, who is in need of assistance, and why the abused resident is not present at the meeting.

Your Kentucky nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer will likely ask you some or all of the following questions at your initial consultation:

  • Do you have general durable power of attorney over the resident? If not, who does?
  • If the abused resident is deceased, did he or she have a will? If so, who is the executor?
  • Do you have siblings, or other relatives interested in helping the abused resident? If so, have there been discussions or arguments concerning what to do about the abuse?
  • Are you in possession of any important legal papers that designate your authority to act on behalf the resident? If so, you should bring these with you to your initial consultation.

While the lawyers are here to do the heavy lifting, there are still a number of things that you need to do to help your case. It is essential to make a good first impression. The consultation is not only a time for you to get advice about your claim, but it is also a time for your attorney to evaluate both the merits of your claim and evaluate you as a client. To make the best impression, arrive on time, be honest, and speak openly. This will allow your attorney to fully understand your strengths and weaknesses, and to build the greatest possible case for your claim.


The abuse or neglect of a loved one is a difficult and emotional ordeal, but our nursing home attorneys are here to guide you through the process. Our lawyers will lead you through the initial consultation and further discussions. While your attorney will come prepared with detailed and specific questions in order to get the information we need, please be ready with questions of your own. Do not be afraid be speak candidly because your information will remain confidential, regardless of whether you hire one of our dedicated nursing home abuse attorneys. Under Kentucky law, everything you discuss during the initial consultation (as well as all other confidential communications) is protected by attorney-client privilege. It’s always better to know all the facts up front than to be surprised later on.

Contact The Higgins Firm with Your Claim

The experienced attorneys at The Higgins Firm will work tirelessly for you. We are committed to fighting for the justice that your loved one deserves and making sure that nursing home facilities are held responsible for their actions. Every nursing home resident is entitled to proper care, and when abuse or neglect occurs, something must be done. Our goal is to ensure that you are properly compensated for the injuries that you or a loved one may have suffered.

For a free consultation, contact our expert Kentucky nursing home abuse lawyers toll-free at 800-705-2121.